Words written and spoken

Here are some stories of mine, along with a few interviews and a reading. Enjoy!




For the last two years, I've been a writer on Tremontaine, a critically acclaimed innovative project of weekly serialized fiction set in the fantasy world of Riverside created by Ellen Kushner in the classic mannerpunk fantasy Swordspoint. Ellen remains the heart of Tremontaine, assisted by a diverse group of writers whose combined talent is off the charts. I am in awe to be part of this team! 

In Season 1, I contributed one novella-length episode, "Lies in Our Stars," and in Season 2, I co-wrote a novella-length episode, "A Rushing of Wings," with Racheline Maltese. I'm excited and thrilled to be back for Season 3, which we are planning now! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Individual episodes can be downloaded for e-book reading and audiobook listening pleasure! In addition, the individual episodes of each season are collected in a single-volume work that can be purchased by clicking on the top cover image to the right.

Please visit serialbox.com to subscribe to Season 3, catch up with Seasons 1 and 2, and check out their other awesome offerings!


My story "Only Darkness" (yes, that's a nod to the Mekons!) appears in this anthology of subversive vampire tales. Click and buy!


My novella "Left of the Dial" was a finalist for the Nebula Award in 2005. It appeared originally at SciFiction, and is in my collection Everland and Other Stories

My short story "The Mountain that Rose Up Forever" appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of The Tower Journal.

I wrote a fictional interview with the main characters of William Goldman's classic novel The Princess Bride for the 30th Anniversary Edition. Cool, right?

Here's a 2011 video of me reading from my novel The Emperor of All Things at Readercon. Thanks to Scott Edelman for the recording!

I had the honor to be interviewed by one of my favorite writers, Jeffrey Ford, when my second novel, Tumbling After, was published in 2005.

In 2007, I was interviewed by the mysterious Gravedigger at buried.com about my novel Dracula: Asylum, the official sequel to Universal Pictures's classic film starring the great Bela Lugosi. 

Charles Tan interviewed me about my collection Everland and Other Stories, a finalist for the World Fantasy Award in 2010. 

I spoke with Jeff Rutherford about The Emperor of All Things on the Reading and Writing Podcast. 

The folks at sff.world were kind enough to interview me in 2015 about my novel The Watchman of Eternity, the sequel to The Emperor of All Things.